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Tuesday 23rd October 2007

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It is quite difficult to find web hosts who are willing to install LaTeX, so it’s good to read one person’s experience of trying to find a shared host offering LaTeX. (Shared) hosting with LaTeX – An overview gives 7 hosts who gave a positive response.

Following on from Mike Renfro’s comment below recommending A2 Hosting I contacted them to ask about their LaTeX hosting and this is their reply:

“Yes, we either have or can install the LaTeX packages upon request on any particular server. It’s not a problem as long as it does not become a server load issue. We are currently using the CentOS 5 latex package tetex-latex-3.0-33.1.el5 but if anybody wishes to install their own copy of LaTeX locally on their account they can always get the appropriate binary and do that also if they need a different version.

We would certainly be happy to have you point folks in our direction. We will go ahead and add a knowledge base article on the subject as well.”


  1. So far, so good with A2 Hosting. And there’s a 20% off coupon at 43 Folders, one of their other customers. I’ve got their small business account, which also includes SSH access. Evidence of LatexRender working can be found here. These guys beat my previous host by orders of magnitude for the same monthly cost.

    Comment by Mike Renfro — Thursday 29th November 2007 4:48 am #

  2. Wow, what luck!! I chose the right host!! (I didn’t even think to ask about LaTeX support beforehand… newb~!) Now, to figure out how to figure out whether it’s installed on the server I’m on… or to ask for it to be…

    Comment by Qrystal — Saturday 8th December 2007 7:38 am #

  3. Do report back on how you get on as well as the quality of the support, as I’m sure other people would be interested.

    Comment by Steve — Saturday 8th December 2007 10:40 am #

  4. Well, the support from a2 was quick and brief: I was simply told that latex was on my server (with no indication of whether it was already there, or was just installed because I asked) and that it was located at /usr/bin/latex. I set up LatexRender, and got it working, so .. the other necessary stuff must be in the expected places. Yippee~!

    I’m one step closer to getting my site set up and active… woot! 🙂

    Comment by Qrystal — Friday 14th December 2007 6:58 pm #

  5. There is a way to get mimetex on shared hosts that are not cooperative. It requires some knowledge of creating bash files and cron, both which is easy to do and find info on the web for. I outlined the basic process here:

    This technique may also be used to install latex, but I have not tried it.

    Hope this helps others out there who are struggling!

    Comment by Robert — Sunday 9th March 2008 6:10 pm #

  6. I tried to download from your link

    but it is not there. If you can update your link, I would very much appreciate, and I think the community at large too. If not, please state that you removed it so that people don’t lose their time.
    Phong Vu

    Comment by Phong Vu — Thursday 13th March 2008 3:43 am #

  7. Whoops! Sorry about that link which is slightly wrong and should have been updated. I have corrected it now. Another way to download is to go to the top right of the page and, under Downloads, click on

    Thanks for alerting me to that error.

    Comment by Steve — Thursday 13th March 2008 10:03 am #

  8. Host Jaguar has LaTeX preinstalled in their shared hosting, at least on my server.

    Comment by SylviA — Friday 3rd October 2008 9:32 am #

  9. I’ve been using rimuhosting for years now; they give you full ssh root access to a VPS, so you can install *whatever* you want. You aren’t even restricted to just webserving, and the support is top notch: the best I’ve seen or heard of. I just had to run apt-get to install latex.

    Comment by Alex — Sunday 2nd November 2008 5:23 pm #

  10. What is The Latex for? sorry, i am newbie.

    Comment by webhostingpro — Saturday 14th February 2009 3:58 pm #

  11. Posting mathematical formulae such as \displaystyle \int_{-\infty }^{\infty }e^{-x^{2}}\;dx=\sqrt{\pi } and as you’ll see elsewhere on this blog.

    Comment by Steve — Saturday 14th February 2009 4:10 pm #

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This site is a showcase for using LatexRender for mathematics in WordPress